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Waving Goodbye to Flaggers – Exploring Alternative Traffic Control Devices to Improve SafetyFlaggers are a critical position for construction projects directing traffic to prevent vehicles from entering the jobsite and allowing traffic to continue on the roadway.

Anyone in the flagger position for an extended period of time has had more close calls with distracted or reckless drivers than they care to admit.

Being a flagger is dangerous. Take the heartbreaking story below…

On a clear, cold, Monday, January 20, 2014, a flagger just a few days into his new career – was struck by a 2010 red Toyota Corolla.

The local news reported the victim, a 36-year-old father of 4 girls, died in transport to the local hospital of multiple injuries. One of his little girls was just a few days old.

Technologies have been designed in recent years to help keep the flaggers off the road – reducing accidents and improving safety.

Our story today focuses on best practices and the cost effectiveness of a few of these technologies -Automated Flagger Assistance Devices and Portable Signals.

Melisa Finely of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute has conducted studies in both Texas and Ohio – and is going to share with us the results of her research.

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Questions regarding further understanding and setting up these technologies may be directed to Melisa Finley at (979) 845-7596 Ext. 57596.
Credit: Article provided by Transportation Tomorrow, on behalf of Valerie Lefler, President & CEO of Integrated Global Dimensions, LLC

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