Safety & Health Webinar Series

As the warehousing industry grows, OSHA is on alert. Warehouses present a unique environment and challenges for ensuring both safety and compliance with OSHA regulations. People and product can be in constant motion. Employees have to navigate around complex aisles and conveyor systems. They frequently pick elevated products. Forklifts, order pickers, and other powered industrial equipment shuttle product around the facility.

Employees and safety professionals must constantly be on the lookout for a range of issues in these fast-moving operations. Just some of the common challenges include struck-by hazards, potential falling objects, unsafe stacks, slip and fall issues, working from elevated platforms, ergonomics, and more. What’s more, many warehouses are so large that it is difficult to provide direct supervision much of the time. 

The best way to avoid compliance problems is to prepare. This webinar will teach you and your team where to focus, what to expect from OSHA, and how to handle government inspections. It will address major issues in warehouse safety and health compliance, including:

  • What is OSHA looking for? Most frequently cited safety and health standards in the industry.
  • How do I avoid trouble? Tips for ensuring/enhancing compliance.
  • When will OSHA show up? Triggers for OSHA inspections at warehouses.
  • How do I handle an OSHA inspection? What to expect during a warehouse inspection, as well as tips and strategies for coming out clean. 



Brad Hiles, Partner

Avi Meyerstein, Partner


Date and Time

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Noon – 1:00 p.m. CDT  

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Credit: Husch Blackwell

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