1. HB 1307 requires health insurance benefits for workers on prevailing wage contracts (over $100,000); applies to subs; note: this probably is pre-empted by federal law (ERISA).
2. SB 991 crane operator certification of competence: training required through trainers certified by the National Commission for Certification Agencies or ANSI; fines for violations; possible jail time.  HB 1422 is a crossfile.
3. HB 1410 repeals a provision prohibiting DLLR from requiring licensing/registration/certification of operators of power equipment (backhoe, bull dozer, front-end loader, skid steer, scraper pan, crane, hoist).
4. HB 1053 standing to contest environmental permits: allows out-of-state environmental groups (if they have/recruit one in-state member) to sue permit holders and the state to enforce permit conditions; attorneys fees if the environmental group prevails; does not include streamlined permit challenge process used by the feds in such cases. SB 824 is a crossfile.
5. HB 1379 STARTING AT PAGE 6, requires biodiesel to be used to power diesel engines, based on production of in-state production of biodiesel (5 million gallons=B-2, 10 million=B-5, 15 million=B-15, 30 million=B-20). SB 555 is a crossfile.
6. HB 502 requires state contractors to use e-verify to verify employment eligibility.  SB 696 is a crossfile.
7. HB 1409 lowers state prevailing wage threshold from $500,000 and above to $100,000 and above.

1.  SB 722 raises the state gas tax by 5 cents; diverts 2.3% of the revenues from 18.5 cents (out of 28.5 cents, as increased by the bill) to the Chesapeake Trust fund.
2.  SB 853 creates a task force to determine long-term Transportation Trust Fund options and recommendations; two of 15 slots are to be representatives of the business community.

Please contact Brian Holmes at MTBMA with your comments and your interest in being on a panel to testify at the hearing or hearings once scheduled.

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