Agency says industry felt it lacked “meaningful opportunity” to weigh in on proposal

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says it has decided not to enforce a tighter limit on beryllium exposure to workers in the construction industry while it takes public comments on “ancillary provisions” of the January 2017 regulation that set the exposure standards.

The agency, explaining its decision to seek comments on provisions of the rule, said, “Representatives of the shipyards and construction industries, as well as members of Congress, raised concerns that they had not had a meaningful opportunity to comment on the application of the rule to their industries when the rule was developed in 2015-16.”

In announcing the action on June 23, OSHA said it isn’t seeking comments on the exposure levels, but on “ancillary provisions such as housekeeping and personal protective equipment,” for construction and shipyards which also were part of the January 2017 regulation.

The agency also said an estimated 4,040 construction workers who are involved in abrasive blasting may be exposed to beryllium.

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