Construction firm Skanska got tired of seeing its female employees struggle with unisex safety vests and gloves that didn’t fit properly.

So it partnered with Colony Hardware and Radians to create off-the-shelf safety vests and gloves designed for women that are now available companywide and will eventually be for sale to the public, the company says.

“During my career, I have had to order and hand female employees PPE that is designed and manufactured for men,” Jarret Milligan, Skanska vice president of environment, health and safety, says in his company blog. “Gloves fit long fingers and large palms; vests are made for taller and wider frames.”

Such ill-fitting personal protective equipment is a nuisance—and a safety issue.

“If gloves are too large, an individual’s dexterity is reduced, and they cannot properly grasp onto things,” he says. “Long and baggy vests are more likely to catch or snag on handrails, doors and equipment. We also have to consider how comfortably someone can work in PPE that does not fit or how they feel when seen in a vest that reaches down to their knees.” Click here to continue reading…

Credit: Don McLoud | Equipment World

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