Associate Membership

An individual, firm or corporation of approved standing and responsibility engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of construction supplies or services and engineering and highway construction design firms.

Contractor Membership

General construction contractors and
subcontractors active in transportation contracting for the construction, upgrade, repair, or maintenance of public roads & highways.

Producer Membership

An aggregate company that produces
ready mix concrete, asphalt, stone and
other materials used in transportation
construction applications.

MTBMA strives to give you a good business environment by:

  • Advocating for adequate funding for Maryland’s transportation needs
  • Fostering partnerships between government agencies and officials, both state and federal, and MTBMA members
  • Representing its members to help Maryland build, upgrade, and maintain a world class transportation system
  • Providing members with relevant and timely information effecting the industry
  • Fostering goodwill within the industry and between
    the industry’s significance to the economy
  • Promoting quality and safety in the design and
    construction of transportation system facilities 
  • Producing and delivering services and activities to benefit the industry
  • Working to resolve state and local environmental and local planning and zoning process affecting the industry
  • Promotes proactive community relations and developing programs for the members to use to create a positive image of the industry
  • Conducting operations and safety seminars in cooperation with MSHA
  • Providing an awards program for site beautification programs
  • Promoting models for good neighbor programs
  • Developing models for educating and training the 21st century industry workforce

The newest members to join our association include: