The Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association, MTBMA was officially formed in 2009, by the joining of the Maryland Highway Contractors Association (MHCA) and the Maryland Aggregates Association (MAA).

The Maryland Aggregates Association was founded in 1970, after operating as a less formal organization beginning in the 1960’s, the Southern Maryland Natural Resources Association. Seventeen aggregate producers incorporated to form a statewide association to benefit all aggregate producers in the state, formally creating the Maryland Aggregates Association. This association sought to establish relationships with government officials and industry partners to affect legislation surrounding specifications, performance standards, and environmental and zoning issues. 

The Maryland Highway Contractors Association was founded in 1932. Their goals were very close to MTBMA’s current goals, including advocacy for the highway contractors for which they spoke.  They also worked to advocate for funding for Maryland’s transportation interests. In 1992, MHCA created the Marylanders for Efficient and Safe Highways (MESH), a non profit with the goal “Achieve increased funding to build and maintain viable transportation systems which provides for the present and future transportation needs of Maryland.”

In 2008, it was decided upon to merge the two existing associations into one Association for the benefit of all, known as the Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association.  This became formally organized and recognized in 2009.

Since 2009, MTBMA has worked to advance the interest of the producers, contractors, and associates of the transportation construction industry. Their focus is on lobbying and advocacy, facilitating networking and informational events, and providing training for the Maryland workforce. 

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