BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Getting from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. in 15 minutes could be a reality, but there are still obstacles to overcome.

It’s a futuristic looking train that literally levitates at speeds of more than 300 miles per hour.

It’s already in Japan and a $28 million federal grant has just been released to study what it would take to get the technology here.

The company that’s spearheading this proposal says a commute between D.C. and Baltimore would take just 15 minutes and just another 45 minutes to New York–revolutionizing travel as we know it.

“Our infrastructure, highways, bridges, airports, rail, all of that is crumbling and we are really working on infrastructure that was done by our grandparents and so we have to do something different or it’s going to be really rough for our children,” said Wayne Rogers, CEO of Northeast Maglev.

The price tag for a project: between $10 to 12 billion.

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