Committees in Action

Charles County Commissioner’s Decision to Prohibit Surface Mining Overturned by MTBMA Efforts

The Charles County Commissioners enacted legislation that categorically banned surface mining on 35,162 acres of land in Charles County. The May 2017 legislation approved a partial comprehensive rezoning that created a new zoning category known as the Water Conservation District (WCD) of which properties from eleven zoning categories were downzoned into a new zoning classification. As part of the rezoning process, the mineral resources element and mining use categories were removed or changed in the County’s comprehensive and zoning plans resulting in a clear violation of the Maryland Land Use Article contained in the Code of Maryland Regulations. This legislative action was both technically illegal and devastating to the mining companies that require a source of raw minerals to supply the construction industry and marketplace. The prohibition on mining activity would have a substantial impact on economic development activity in the state and could not be left unchallenged. Faulty and misunderstood legislation such as the enactment of a categorical ban on mining would have the opportunity to migrate to other jurisdictions and counties across the state.

The enacted legislation was challenged by MTBMA and its member companies and a complaint was filed with the Charles County Circuit Court in December 2017. Once the case was filed and the complaint was reviewed and responded to by the Charles County’s Attorney’s office it became evident that the county attorney’s office did not want to proceed through the circuit court process. In April 2018 the county attorney’s office through MTBMA’s legal counsel agreed to a plan to reverse the enacted legislation on an agreed timetable in exchange for a motion to stay the circuit court case. The timetable contained specific dates and actions required to be taken by the Charles County Planning Commission and County Commissioners to reverse the legislation. The actions included the adoption of a Minerals Resource Chapter in the county’s comprehensive plan and a revision to the use categories in the zoning code allowing mining as a special exception use in the WCD zone. The legislative process required public notification and public hearings on both actions for a total of four hearings. MTBMA and its members were present and supplied testimony at all of the public hearings in favor and explaining to the bureaucrats why mining is important to the economic well-being of the county and state. The final public hearing was held on October 2, 2018, and the legislation has been completely reversed and the mining ban in Charles County has been overturned through the efforts of MTBMA.

Timothy Bevard
Chairman, MTBMA Environmental Committee
Land Manager, Aggregate Industries



Education & Community Outreach

Hall Chaney, Chaney Enterprises

Mission: To inform and educate students in the state of Maryland of its transportation construction industry careers and opportunities through various programs.

Environmental Committee

Tim Bevard, Aggregate Industries

Mission: To inspire and inform our members on key environmental issues facing Maryland’s transportation construction industry and its communities, and to communicate to external stakeholders about MTBMA’s role in environmental stewardship through outreach, education, and government policies.

Government Affairs

Dave Thomey, Martin Marietta Materials

Mission: To coordinate and maintain legislative efforts by working with state, local, and federal governments to assist MTBMA with meeting its legislative goals.

Leadership Council

Jim Russ, Director, MTBMA


Jay Baldwin, Reliable Contracting Co., Inc.

Mission: To advocate for funding and laws that align with MTBMA and its members’ goals. 

Membership Committee

Jo Ellen Sines, M. Luis Construction Co. (Co-Chair)
Megan Owings, David A. Bramble, Inc. (Co-Chair)
Amanda Mangum, MTBMA
Becky McCollum, Monumental Concrete, LLC
Chris Kunkel, Alban Tractor
Pete Placke, Gray & Son, Inc.

Mission: To develop new and innovative ways to attract new members, retain current membership by implementing methods of engagement and communication, and to encourage member participation in association committees and activities.

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

David C. Bramble, David A. Bramble, Inc.

Mission: To support state of Maryland laws and policies that ensure full participation of Minority Business Enterprises & Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in state funded and directed construction programs and projects.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Dave Slaughter, M. Luis Construction Co.

Mission: To support and elect candidates who will seek public policies that support our mission.

Safety Committee

Chris McCoy, Chaney Enterprises
Committee Chairman 

Jaime Lopez, M. Luis Construction Co., Inc.
Committee Vice Chairman 

Mark Carroll, Allan Myers
Committee Liaison 

Mission: To identify and address health and safety related issues in the various fields of the committee members. The committee will review and recommend solutions which can be implemented. This committee will serve as a conduit for communication of safety information between the different organizations.

Scholarship Committee

Bruce Bergeron, Machado Construction Co.

Mission: To honor William E. Hardy by providing educational funding to students of member company employees.

Technical Committee

Jeff Greene, Aggregate Industries

Ronald Lambert, Vulcan Materials Company

Supporting Members