Mobile construction equipment has put a lot of power at an operator’s fingertips, but they are also big machines and the view from the cab isn’t always the best to get work done.

“According to a safety bulletin from Ontario’s Ministry of Labour on operating construction equipment in reverse, if you have a blind spot and no safety spotter, you cannot back up at all,” states Steve Widomski, director at SafetyView Systems and president of All Ontario Construction Equipment Inc.

More stringent safety standards, combined with rugged cameras and instant video transmission to a high-quality, factory-installed monitor inside the cab of a machine, are leading to the adoption of greater camera use on construction equipment.

“Mobile machines working near workers greatly benefit from cameras, because it seriously decreases the chance of a worker getting struck by a machine,” says Marc Lefebvre of RMT Equipment, a dealer representative for Orlaco, which is a manufacturer of camera and radar solutions for the construction industry. “Cameras on heavy equipment are becoming more popular because new legislation dictates that machines of a certain size must be equipped with cameras. New equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders and dozers come factory equipped with it. Customers are seeing cameras on their new machines and they want them for the older machines in their fleet, so they look for aftermarket solutions.” Click here to continue reading…

Credit: Nathan Medcalf | ConstructConnect

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