Following are the MTBMA committees, listed by name and proposed chairman and/or board liaison, as well as a brief statement of committee purposes and objectives.

Associates Council-Chris Kunkel
To provide associate members with opportunities to interact with contractor and producer members, such as by offering presentations on new  technologies and services, articles in Infrastructure MD, and assistance on issues affecting the industry.

Education & Community/Public Relations-Frank Chaney
To promote industry-related educational opportunities, favorable relationships with the communities in which the industry operates or which are affected by industry operations, and a favorable image of the industry with the public.

Environment-Tim Bevard
To consider environmental issues affecting the industry (primarily producer Issues) and to work the Government Affairs Committee or the Board of Directors, as appropriate.

Government Affairs-Dave Thomey
To formulate industry interests and positions as well as supporting arguments with respect to pending legislative and regulatory matters affecting the industry at the federal, state, and local levels.

MBE-DBE-Danny Bramble
To foster consensus between minority and women owned businesses on MBE/DBE program issues and to explore opportunities for MBE/DBE business development.

Safety-no one designated
To monitor transportation construction and aggregate industry safety issues for educational and/or legislative or regulatory purposes, in cooperation with MOSH and MSHA.

Technical -Jeff Greene
To work with owner agencies and customers in order to resolve technical issues affecting the aggregates industry. Contractor member technical issues will be handled by ad-hoc subcommittees formed by the Joint MTBMA-SHA Leadership Council and the soon-to-be convened MTBMA-MDTA Leadership Council.

Members may also participate on MDQI subcommittees, which are project development, MDQI conference, highway operations, safety, and partnering.

Please email Kelly Harvey with the committees you would like to sign up for.
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