Flagging Fundamentals: 6 Steps to Safety

To view video, please click above link.

With this new video refresher produced by ARTBA’s expert safety team, you will:

  1. Master the correct signaling procedures.
  2. Know what to wear.
  3. Learn why traffic signs and control devices are important to your safety.
  4. Understand how to protect yourself from traffic.
  5. Acquire “best practice” flagging skills to ensure compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  6. Become a better and more commanding flagger.

Available in Spanish and English, the reduced-price for ARTBA members is $150. The cost for non-members is $180.

Strengthen your safety program! Order your digital download or DVD copy today at: www.artbastore.com or by contacting ARTBA Director of Sales Peter Embrey: pembrey@artba.org or 202.289.4434.

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