Jim Russ has been working closely with several affiliates including ABC, which was very involved with the original legislation last year.

MTBMA will keep you informed as regulations are finalized. If you have any questions, please call Jim at 410-760-9505 or jruss@mtbma.org.

A Message from Bob Zinmeister – ABC Metro Washington regarding Apprenticeship:

“I finally spoke with my DLLR contact yesterday. She affirmed that they have not finalized the regulations for the apprenticeship legislation due in large part to not having the funds to administer the program. She said they were going to try and refile the regs in mid-February which is the next time they can do so.

I suggested that DLLR issue a statement saying that since the regulations are not in place that the bill and its requirements will not be enforced until such time the regulations have been finalized and available to the contracting community. She thought this was fair and was going to take it to the Labor Commissioner.”

I will let you know what kind of response we receive.”

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