Leaders from all modes of transportation are calling for action! The time to revitalize our national transportation infrastructure system is now. We must pave a new path that truly builds upon the challenges and opportunities that face our generation. Now is the time for transportation and infrastructure experts to come together to voice their concerns and share their visions as we shape national transportation policy. Join us March 7-9, 2012 for the 5th Annual Transportation and Infrastructure Convention!

The 5th Annual Transportation & Infrastructure Convention builds on a rich heritage of successful transportation and infrastructure-focused conferences, spanning the last decade. Last year’s convention had 225 delegates from 25 states and 9 countries participate. The focus of those sessions: multi-modal transportation planning, investment, and development.

This year’s Convention in Washington, D.C. builds on the momentum of the 14th Annual Transportation & Infrastructure Summit, hosted in Irving, TX, August 8-12. That setting attracted over 1,100 attendees representing 20 states and 11 countries!

If you would like more background information on these events, the review-newsletters for the 4th Annual Transportation & Infrastructure Convention and the 14th Annual Transportation & Infrastructure Summit are available below.



Register today for the 5th Annual Transportation & Infrastructure Convention. Visit http://www.transportationsummit.com/register.php to finalize your plans to attend.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, registration, draft agenda information, and other convention questions, please contact the Convention’s public policy consultants, Dean International, Inc.

Trudy Hester and Karen Brown 

Email: thester@dean.net; kbrown@dean.net

Phone: 214.750.0123

Fax: 214.750.0124

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